Republic of Maldives (Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa)

Capital – Malé

Official languages – Dhivehi, English

Religion – Islam (Mandated by law)

Government – Unitary presidential republic

Area – 298 km2 (115 sq mi)

Population – 379 270

Inter. Tel. prefix  – +960

Currency – Maldivian Rufiyaa

Time zone – UTC +5 (Maldives Time)

The Maldives is a scattering of picturesque atolls in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Everything here disposes to bliss: kilometers of secluded beaches, upscale hotels and very beautiful nature.

The Maldives, the famous “residents” of the equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean, are rightfully considered one of the best exotic destinations. There are 1190 islands (or rather, atolls), and all of them are as if they were a selection: with blue lagoons, sandy beaches and unique vegetation. There is everything for relaxation: peace and quiet, beautiful nature, rich underwater world. And also something without which any advantages of any resort immediately fade in the eyes of modern tourists – good hotels and a high level of service.

The most common way of spending time in the Maldives is diving, since there are coral reefs near every island.


The capital is Male, which occupies almost the entire territory of the island of the same name. Although this only sounds impressive: in fact, the area of ​​one of the most compact and densely populated capitals in the world is only 5.8 square meters. km. Most tourists immediately disperse to the heavenly corners, but in Male you can stay late: look at Islamic shrines, catch a wave on the only beach, buy souvenirs on the street Chaandani Magu.

The rest of the islands of North Male Atoll have been turned into resorts or leased to the fortunate wealthy. The best local entertainment is diving: the visibility in the clear water reaches 50 m, and the beauty at the bottom is simply countless. South Male Atoll is popular with divers (marine reserves, caves and wrecks await both beginners and pros) and surfers (from March to September, the Kanduma resort has great waves).

Baa and Raa Atolls are famous for their secluded atmosphere and incredible landscapes: Baa is even included in the World Network of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, along with Niagara Falls, Amazon forests and other natural wonders of the planet. Delicious watermelons are grown on the Ari atoll, and the most original jewelry made from pearls and coral is made on Laviani.


The climate of the Maldives is warm and humid. Air temperature during the day is about +30 ° C, at night +26 ° C, water +26 ° C. Due to its close proximity to the equator, seasonal changes associated with monsoons are almost imperceptible. During the southwest monsoon (May to October) it rains more often and the weather is more windy. The northeast monsoon season (November to February) is considered to be less humid.