State of  Maine (ME)

Nickname(s) – The Pine Tree State, Vacationland

Capital – Augusta

Largest city – Portland

Languages – English (92%), French (5%)

Area – 35 385 sq mi (91 646 km2)

Population – 1 344 212

Time zone – UTC -5/-4

Maine is located in the most northeastern part of the United States, its capital is Augusta, and Portland is considered the largest and most densely populated city. This state has its own nickname – Pine. There are a lot of attractions.


If you are planning your vacation in Maine, then you must definitely visit its capital. Augusta is home to the large Maine State Museum with rich displays of archeology, nature and industry developed in the state.

When visiting Portland, you should pay attention to its creative workshops, the Old Port, and the Portland Museum of Art.

From the east of Maine, it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, so vacationers have an excellent opportunity to visit the magnificent beaches. For example, Sand Beach is distinguished by its amazing nature and white sand.

Acadia National Park located next to Mount Cadillac and covers an area of ​​200 square kilometers. On its territory there are a large number of islands, Mount Cadillac 500 meters high, Eagle Lake, which is very popular with tourists.

Sugarloaf Ski Area Maine’s varied natural landscapes offer oceanfront vacations and skiing in the mountains. This ski resort is very popular, there is a chance to go skiing, sledding, ice skating, sit in cozy restaurants and enjoy the local nature.

The sea plays a huge role in the life of Maine. Not surprisingly, it houses the Great Maritime Museum, as well as the Lighthouse Museum. The Great Maritime Museum displays models of ships made at the Maine shipyards, as well as authentic wooden structures of the nineteenth century. But the pride of the exposition is a life-size model of the Wyoming schooner with six masts.

In the state of Maine, there is the world’s only monument to Samantha Smith.


The average summer temperature does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius, and winters are usually snowy and cold. Therefore, for those looking to bask in the sun, it is best to come to the state during the height of summer.

In winter, rest here will seem a bit boring, especially for those who are used to beaches and do not practice winter sports. However, most tourists go on vacation to Maine, because this state has a huge plus.