State of Missouri (MO)

Nickname(s) – Show Me State, Cave State, Mother of the West

Capital – Jefferson City

Largest city – Kansas City

Languages – English (93.9%), Spanish (2.6%)

Area – 69 715 sq mi (180 560 km2)

Population – 6 137 428

Time zone – UTC -6/-5

The Americans had to redeem this state from France along with other territories within the province of Louisiana in the early 19th century. Despite the unofficial nickname “sleepy”, Missouri is actually full of life, and tourists do not leave here disappointed.

The state capital is Jefferson City. Other major cities are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia.


St. Louis greets guests with its most prominent landmark – the Gateway Arch. Its height is just under 200 meters, it is a symbol of the transition from the eastern part of the United States to the western one, and it is dedicated to the first settlers of the West. In capsule lifts, tourists are taken to the observation deck, from where such a view of the city opens up that words cannot convey!

Missouri is interesting in places that are described by Mark Twain in the famous “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. The city where the writer spent his childhood is Hannibal, but he hid it under the name of St. Petersburg. Here stands the restored Mark Twain home, and opposite Tom Sawyer’s fence.

On the opposite coast of the Mississippi and already in another state there is also Kansas City. We’re talking about Missouri Kansas, and so it stands out from all other cities, not only in the United States, but also in the world, with its fountains.

The entire region around the Ozark Plateau is considered a recreational area to travel with children. There are many resorts here – lakes, mountains, and a well-developed entertainment industry.

Silver Dollar City is actually a park in Branson. It was destroyed in 1960 on the site of an old adit where silver was mined. So the developers decided to create a kind of monument to the dollar that created the US economy.

In addition to the most popular park in the states, Branson has many other useful activities. Although it is called “Las Vegas for the Puritans.” The city has more than 40 theaters, 5,000 tent sites, more than 350 restaurants, 9 golf courses, and more than 200 retail outlets. There are also caves – for example, Marble. And a few miles from the city there are excellent bases with water parks and fishing.


Missouri has a continental climate. It has cold, by American standards, winters and hot, humid summers. In July, the average is +25 ° C, in January +5 ° C. Frequent rains occur until June. Tornadoes happen very often in the state – about 35 a year.